Tour the streets of Tokyo with stylish bikes! It is cycling of the sense of walk that the highlight appears one after another.
Tokyo can only be enjoyed because of the speed of the bicycle.
A bicycle that can go far, faster than walking. Tokyo, which can only be seen because of the speed of bicycles, is surprisingly compact, and the cityscape that always feels rushy welcomes you with a relaxed expression.
Even if you find something that you care about in a car or subway, you can not stop or return immediately. With bicycles, you can see the scenery seen from the top of the bridge, stop by the shops you are interested in, take pictures of spots you have noticed, and so on.
A traditional town where the Edo culture of Hundred Flowers revolt lives down in the downtown area, and a stylish city on the cutting edge, there are still many unfamiliar Tokyos. Visiting Tokyo by bicycle is full of surprises and emotions.
Our Story
We have created a program to introduce the nature of each area, folk art, local cuisine, and lifestyles of people living in the area. Starting with enjoying a professional guided trekking and canoeing, we have established a specialized cycling company and have introduced books in various styles. Go out on a bike to a charming area, take a canoe, trek or have a picnic.
* Established Adventure Vacations Network in 2001
Adventure Vacation Network consisting of Pro Guides.
An outdoor discovery program is held in various parts of Japan in partnership with an airline company. Canoeing and trekking programs earn high customer satisfaction.
2008 started a cycling program with sports bikes. A fun introduction to the world of bicycles to enjoy as sports.
 * 2007 Established BREZZA, a specialized cycling company.
A cycling program is held nationwide, and premium cycling with a small number of people is popular, from athlete-led long rides to beginner-friendly picnic rides.
 * 2015, the daily program "Hop on the Saddlle!" Starts.
A daily program has been launched as an event enjoyed by friends connected with bicycles and as an activity to welcome customers from overseas. Introduce the brilliance and seasonal charm of Tokyo's unexpected seasons. We will also organize tours to visit various parts of Japan with many members participating in Tokyo, and introduce Japan's attractiveness to go out by bicycle.
We continue to evolve the outdoor discovery program using bicycles.

Advisor Nozomu Takigawa
 Adventure vacation representative
Executive Director, Japan Eco Lodge Association
Japan Environmental Education Forum member
Japan Ecotourism Association member

Cordinator& Guide
Hirotoshi Osajima 

ANA Research Institute Inbound Tourism Conference
Japan Association of Bicycle Utilization Research Association
Former Director of Sports Tourism Promotion Organization
Former Executive Director, Japan School Trip Association

Cordinator & programmer
Takigawa Nozomu
Adventure Vacations representative
Japan Ecolodge Association director
Japan Environmental Education Forum member
Japan Ecotourism Association