• Please apply the person who is your application on which was read the following notes.
    In addition, your application by phone is also possible.
    □ With regard to your application
    Home page, e-mail, you can sign up over the phone.
    From our website, credit card are available.
    On the day of the payment will be only cash.
    After the sign-up process is complete, please note that the cancellation fee of provisions occurs.
    □ cancellation fee
    Cancellations after your reservation, you will the following cancellation fee.
    Implementation 8 days ago 20% from 21 days, two days before 50% from practice seven days, the day before, the day of 100%
    About departs
    □ to stop due to bad weather, etc.
    If you want to stop for bad weather or the like is expected, will that effect your contact back and forth at the previous day of 17.
    More than 70% of rainfall probability, if rainfall is large, it may refrain from departs.
    Also, if the organizer dangerous to departs for other reasons has determined, you may want to stop past the hour the previous day 17.
    □ Regarding discontinued during proceedings
    Because when you stop departs will contact the email address you submitted with your application, please be sure to confirm the e-mail.
    If you was canceled, the participation fee that had you transfer your will be a full refund. We will inform the bank account for the refund. It is to be noted that the discontinuation of post-held start, we can not refund in principle.
    □ If there is a set of minimum departs persons
    If the three days before the scheduled date is less than the minimum departs number of people, you may want to canceled. In that case, we will be full refund the participation fee.
    Please with the consent of the guardian Upon your application minors.
    Insurance, health care, etc.
    □ I will subscribe to comprehensive liability insurance with the following injury insurance to all participants, but injuries, loss, and other accidents, organizers assumes no responsibility except to make a first aid .
    Accident insurance
    Death 15 million yen hospitalization daily ¥ 5,000 visits daily 2000 yen
    General liability insurance
    Interpersonal objective common 30 million yen (deductibles 0 yen)
    * Also we can not guarantee more than the insurance limit Niokimashite any accident. )
    □ portable health insurance card
    Please bring your health insurance card always.
    such as receiving a diagnosis of the participants receive person beforehand doctor, please be aware of the health management at your own risk. Please note that to notify the insurance company a portion of the personal information you contact at the time of application Upon insurance solicitation procedure. (You do not have to leak the personal information for any purpose other than insurance)
    □ Since it takes the snacks and light meals in the middle cycling, please report at the time of sign up if there is such as allergies or religious restrictions for meal.
    □ before implementation, if the organizer side is determined not to be able to carry out the cycling for health reasons during the implementation, you might get withhold the participation continue.
    Notes on cycling
    □ we will rent a bicycle, helmet, gloves to all participants. (It is included in the participation fee)
    The convenience of bicycle of size, the lower limit of the height will be taken as 145cm.
    □ Dress
    Please participate in clothes suitable for bicycle travel together on the day of weather.
    This is useful when there is a bag that both hands can use, such as a daypack. Baggage It is also possible to keep it at the start point.
    □ set
    Participants provisions of the time, please set in place. Absent, please contact us to always organizer side in the case of late.
    Please contact 090-9567-0007.
    □ Please traveling according to staff instructions.
    Before traveling, drinking while driving, please do not absolutely. Also, while driving please be sure to wear a helmet.
    □ You may want to me for a photo while driving on our home page, and other media. Please inform us in advance those who need help is published photograph of the face. Also, take a picture, which can be identified with the other participants, please request in advance if that is posted it and to their SNS.
    □ of personal information management
    Information you have received from our customers at the time of application participation you, served in the appropriate handling protected Ho~tsu to our Privacy Policy.
    □ Application
    Telephone 090-9567-0007


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