Explanation for participation
If you are applying, please apply after reading the following notes
□ About application
You can apply via the website, email or phone. Credit cards can be used from our website. Payments on the day will be cash only. Please note that a prescribed cancellation fee will be charged after completing the application procedure.
□ Cancellation fee For cancellation after booking, the following cancellation fee will be charged. Implementation 21 days to 8 days 20%, implementation 7 days to 2 days 50% on the day before, 100% on the day About cancellation Conducted due to bad weather □ If you want to cancel due to bad weather etc., around 17:00 on the previous day We will contact you to that effect. If the probability of rainfall exceeds 70% and the amount of rainfall is high, we may refrain from conducting. In addition, if the organizer decides that the event involves danger due to other reasons, it may be canceled after 17:00 the day before.
 □ Procedure at the time of cancellation When you cancel the event, you will contact the email address you registered at the time of application, so please be sure to confirm the email. If canceled, the transfer fee will be fully refunded. We will inform you of the bank account for refund. In principle, we can not refund the cancellation after the start of the event.
□ If there is a minimum number of people set, you may cancel if the minimum number of people is not reached 3 days before the scheduled date. In that case, the full fee will be refunded. For minors, please obtain parental consent when applying. Insurance, health management, etc.
□ All participants are required to take out the following accident insurance and general liability insurance, but for injuries, loss, and other accidents, the organizer does not take any responsibility except for performing first aid. . Accident insurance Death 15 million yen Hospitalization date 5,000 yen Visiting hospital amount 2000 yen General liability insurance common to human objectives 30 million yen (Disclaimer 0 yen) * In any accident, we can not guarantee the above insurance limit. )
 □ Please bring your health insurance card with you. If you participate, please be careful about your health management at your own risk, such as obtaining a doctor's diagnosis beforehand. Please be aware that the insurance company will be notified of a portion of the personal information that you received when applying for insurance solicitation procedures. (There is no risk of leaking personal information for purposes other than insurance participation)
 □ Snacks and snacks will be taken during cycling, so if you have food allergies or religious restrictions, please notify us at the time of application. □ If the organizers decide that they can not do cycling for health reasons before or during the implementation, they may refrain from continuing participation. Notes on cycling □ We will rent bicycles, helmets and gloves to all participants. (Included in the entry fee) Due to the size of the bicycle, the minimum height will be 145 cm.
 □ Dress Please wear clothes suitable for bicycle riding according to the weather on the day of the dress. It is useful to have a bag that can use both hands such as daypack. Baggage can also be stored at the start point.
□ Set members should gather at the prescribed time and place. If you are absent or late, be sure to contact the organizer.
Mobile phone 090-9567-0007
 □ Please run according to the instructions of the staff. Never drink alcohol while driving before you drive. In addition, please be sure to wear a helmet while driving.
□ Photos during driving may be posted on our website and other media. Please let us know in advance if you have trouble posting your face photo. In addition, please take a picture that can be identified with other participants and offer it in advance if you want to post it on your own SNS.
 □ Management of personal information Information provided by customers at the time of application for participation, we will work for appropriate handling protection in accordance with our personal information protection policy.
 □ Apply Phone 090-9567-0007