Traidional Tokyo      JP¥10,000/person

*High light Sights  
⇨Hibiya Park flower gardenGinza high fashion brand street & Kabuki-za Theater,  Imperial Palace, Tokyo station, Marunouchi high brand street, Bridges over the Sumida river, Row of cherry blossom trees, Street along the Sumida River, Tsukiji fish market,
*Traditional sights & shops from Edo period.  
⇨Ningyo-cho & Nihonbashi, Tsukishima & Tsukudajima 
About 17km  flat course  
* Our cycling tour is light walk feeling. It's so easy to ride around.
09:00 to 14:30
participation fee ¥ 10,000 / person
(Included in the cost: sport bike, helmet, gloves, interpersonal objective damages with insurance, tea time, lunch box, etc.)
* You can join us happily in your alone. 
* Unnecessary baggage can be entrusted.
* Pet bottle holder is attached to the bicycle.
* If more than 70% chance of rain on the day is expected, we will contact you departs whether by e-mail at the time the previous day of 17:00am.

Start from Toranomon Hills  building
09:00am   Florist located on the third floor, we are waiting for a guide per FamilyMart. Start as soon as you are finished bicycle receipt and a simple briefing!

Hibiya Park, Ginza 
A lot of flowers and forests are very beautiful in Hibiya Park, you can experience the best feeling of running in the garden.

Kabukiza,tsukiji fish market,Katidoki bridge
Sumida River which supported the prosperity of Edo town. We cycling along the route of a ship heading from Tokyo Bay in Edo Castle, you will see the Edo gorgeous culture transmitted to now.

Nihonbashi, Ningyouchou Traditional craft Shop
The land of the fish market originated has been left heavily its prosperity. Taste of this town was drawed in many Ukiyo-e.


Picnic lunch under the tree
Please buy favorite lunch to each. Since the tea and Japanese sweets are offered, enjoy a picnic in the Edo taste in everyone.

Imperial Palace
Here is the most spacious place by walking, bicycle  is aloso a good mood. We'll enjoy Sakashita Gate from Sakuradamon, and  Wadakuramon,Ootemon.

Marunouchi Brand street
We run through the streets of the very elegant atmosphere by bicycle. A lot of various brand shops, you'll want to stop by here and there spots that appear one after another. We will arrive soon from here to Toranomon Hills.
15:30pm is scheduled for arrival.