Tokyo old town
Old town of Tokyo

Start Toranomon Hills - Kugaseki to Hibiya Park, Ginza high brandshop -  downtown area. The Tsukiji Market, Tsukishima, Tsukudajima, and Nihonbashi are home to a variety of long-established areas and Tokyo.
It is designed as a fun course for beginners with a nearly flat course of around 18km. There are a lot of sights, riding on a bicycle or walking, 4 hours of walking sense is a continuation of Tokyo.

11:00-15:00 4 hours
Participation fee ¥ 10,000 / person

Cost includes: Sports bike, helmet, glove rental, injury insurance, snacks, plastic bottles

⭐︎Feel free cycling with your hands free.
* Unnecessary baggage will be kept.
* The bottle holder is attached to the bicycle.
* We will hold even a slight rain, but if it is canceled due to bad weather we will contact you by 18:00 the day before.
Lunch course at popular sushi restaurant in Tsukiji
Arrange the above course and bring it to Tsukiji, a popular Sushi restaurant shop that you can enjoy the hospitality of Shef Itamae's full of hospitality. It was reasonable price, a fresh material with a good sense of expertise,
Also you can enjoy the traditional cityscape of Kyobashi to Nihonbashi.

11:00-15:00 4 hours
Participation fee ¥ 15,000 / person

Start from Toranomon Hills  building
09:00am   Florist located on the third floor, we are waiting for a guide per FamilyMart. Start as soon as you are finished bicycle receipt and a simple briefing!

Hibiya Park, Ginza 
A lot of flowers and forests are very beautiful in Hibiya Park, you can experience the best feeling of running in the garden.

Kabukiza,tsukiji fish market,Katidoki bridge
Sumida River which supported the prosperity of Edo town. We cycling along the route of a ship heading from Tokyo Bay in Edo Castle, you will see the Edo gorgeous culture transmitted to now.

Nihonbashi, Ningyouchou Traditional craft Shop
The land of the fish market originated has been left heavily its prosperity. Taste of this town was drawed in many Ukiyo-e.



Old town
It is a quiet and old town of Tokyo. It is a town that retains the gorgeous culture of the Edo period that began in 1603.


Imperial Palace
Here is the most spacious place by walking, bicycle  is aloso a good mood. We'll enjoy Sakashita Gate from Sakuradamon, and  Wadakuramon,Ootemon.

Marunouchi Brand street
We run through the streets of the very elegant atmosphere by bicycle. A lot of various brand shops, you'll want to stop by here and there spots that appear one after another. We will arrive soon from here to Toranomon Hills.
15:30pm is scheduled for arrival.